the School

A group that has gradually been consolidated throughout the years by offering a more attentive and engaging service. In the British Centre of Foreign Languages you can learn in a funny environment and you will speak almost exclusively in the target language, depending on the starting level and the objectives you have to achieve. The questions of the students are accepted, reviewed and met, both in individual and collective language courses.
British Language Centre is affiliated with the institution Dante Alighieri and within its structure the classroom find an ideal location. It is then possible to have lessons in any subject both in the afternoon and in the evening classes.


The courses are taught by native speakers or graduated bilinguals, specialized in various methods. In order to meet students, professionals or companies' demands, they will be prepared to follow the entire course personally or rotating depending on their specific needs. The relationship that binds them to the school is the one of mutual esteem and respect, which creates a quiet and motivating environment.


We have an experience of almost 40 years in teaching foreign languages, we have gained the "customer's satisfaction" of hundreds of business, companies, government agencies and thousands private students. Quality Certification has just formalized the existing excellence.

Educational material

The British Centre selects and updates annually textbooks in all languages with the aim of getting the best in every single lesson. The books are supported by multimedia tools of real practical use.


Exercises and tests are assigned out of the lecture time and all what they learned in class aims at being consolidated into memory The use of an additional virtual platform working on a blended formula, makes learning faster, more convenient and long lasting.

Level selection and tailor made courses

A free entry test, administered online, in the office or by the teacher, allows the school to set the right starting level and the best suited course to each individual participant.

Refund with credit note

In case of course interruption, for reasons of force majeure, is guaranteed a NOTE CREDIT to the amount which is equal to the lessons not taken. It will be possible to use it immediately or within a year's time, even in other different subjects.