Job opportunities

If you want to have an unforgettable teaching experience in Italy, Modena,Genova or Sassuolo are the cities for you; and the British School is the school for you.
All are friendly and welcoming, rich in history and culture, and surrounded by many different sources of entertainment for foreigners. Museums, Libraries, Theaters, Pubs, and the citizens welcome you for a period of your choosing, from six months to two years.
If you have two years of teaching experience, an appropriate degree, a drivers license, and speak some Italian, we can offer you a contract for the entire school year, support in finding accommodation, and salary that will be sufficient to live comfortably in Italy.

With reference to the requests of the European Framework, 2nd level (A2), the teacher must verify every now and again, that the students can express themselves confidently and understand the basics:
1. Greetings
2. Presenting themselves, expressing opinions, establishing relationships
3. Telling jokes( even only one)
4. Choosing from a menu at a restaurant, in the company of mother tongue friends or work colleagues.
5. Being able to explain complicated road directions to a locality, a square and to a precise address whilst in a car in noisy traffic.
6. Writing notes whilst asking something on the telephone and being able to ask for information to be repeated, can understand information coming from loud-speakers in stations, airports and underground stations etc.
7. Attending a meeting, the student can introduce him/herself quickly and when asked a question can answer with signs of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
8. Ask for a hotel room, mineral water and for an alarm call before going to their room.
9. Ask for information on the telephone about particular goods, arrival, delivery and payment. They are able to be passed through to the administration office.
10. Write a few lines of an e-mail correctly, explaining that they are unable to go to the appointment in London and would prefer to meet the interlocutor at their company, but in the meantime they would like to receive explanatory material and price lists.

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